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Bake Popcorn Cupcakes to serve at your next celebration or birthday party.


Favorite cupcake mix or recipe

Nonstick spray

Candy Melts, Bright White and Red


Mini marshmallows

Color Mist, Yellow

Favorite buttercream icing



1.First, prepare the cupcake batter by following your favorite recipe, whether its a box mix or from scratch. Spray the cupcake pan cavities with nonstick spray, fill them with batter and bake. Once the cupcakes are done, let them cool 10 minutes in the pan. Use a knife to cut off the tops of the cupcakes, you want them to be level with the pan. Unmold each cupcake. 

2.Melt 4 oz. of bright white candy in one disposable microwave-safe decorating bag, then melt 4 oz. of red candy in a second microwave-safe bag.


3.Tape wax paper to your cake board, and set it aside. Place another sheet of wax paper on your working surface, right underneath your cooling rack. Working one at a time, place your cupcakes, cut side down, on the cooling rack. 

4.Cut 1/2“ off the ends of both decorating bags. Begin piping stripes, starting at the top edge and piping downward, alternating the red and white. Tap the rack to help any excess candy drip down.

TIP: Work quickly to cover each cupcake. You may have to reheat the bags periodically to keep the candy soft enough to pipe.

5.As you finish each cupcake, use a spatula to move it to your wax paper-covered board and chill until set, about 15 minutes. Repeat for each cupcake. 

6.Using food-safe scissors dipped in cornstarch, cut each mini marshmallow in half widthwise. Keep one half for the base. Cut the other half into four additional small pieces (cut the half in half, then each piece in half again). Attach the smaller pieces to the base half to make a piece of popcorn.” Make approximately 20 to 24 pieces for each cupcake.

TIP: The stickiness of the marshmallow will hold the base half and the smaller pieces together. As you complete each piece of popcorn,” place it on the cake board.

7.Once youve got all the popcorn” pieces on the cake board, spray them very lightly with yellow Color Mist. 

8.Prepare buttercream icing, according to your favorite recipe, and fill a decorating bag. 

9.Cut 3/4“ off the end of this decorating bag. Turn each cupcake right side up, and pipe icing onto its top in a fluffy, swirl-like motion. Add the pieces of popcorn” to complete each delicious cupcake.


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