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Fun pop-up Christmas card



1 Assorted Cup Sequins By Creatology

1 Glue Stick By Creatology

1 Construction Paper Pad By Creatology

1 Glitter & Sequin Glue By Creatology

1 Primary Fine Line Marker Set By Creatology

1 Blunt Tip Scissors By Creatology






1. First, click here to download and print the template, then cut out the tree pattern.

2. Accordion fold a green piece of construction paper into sixths. Lay the tree pattern onto the accordion folded construction paper with the straight edge lining up on the fold. Trace around the pattern, then cut out. Set aside.

3. Fold a piece of red construction paper in half. Cut a piece of white construction paper slightly smaller than the red paper, fold in half and glue it inside the red construction paper card using the glue stick.

4. Lay out your cut-out Christmas tree. It should look like three trees connected to one another. Glue the outer half of each of the Christmas trees on either end and adhere it into the card. Make sure the fold on the middle tree lines up with the fold of the card.

5. Decorate the Christmas trees by gluing on sequins.

6. Decorate the inside of the card using markers.

7. Fold the card in half and decorate the front of the card using cut paper, markers and sequins.


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