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Pool Themed Treats


Pool Themed Treats


Pool Cake


Favorite cake mix
6″ cake pans
Buttercream icing
White & blue fondant
Graham crackers
Assorted candy
Green candy melts
Rolling pin
Drink umbrella



1.Bake cake mix, splitting batter into three 6″ cake pans. Once baked, allow cakes to cool. Stack and crumb coat (dirty ice).

2.Mix some of the blue fondant with white to make light blue. Roll out and cover cake.

3.Use remaining fondant to create an umbre effect by adding extra blue for each layer of waves. Roll fondant out in long strips (the diameter of the cake). Cut wave shapes into one side of the strip. Wrap strips around the cake & use a food paint brush and water to adhere them. Start with the lightest blue at the top.

4.Add candy fish to the side of the cake with a dab of water.

5.Add buttercream icing to half of the top of the cake. Cover with crushed graham crackers to create a beach on top of cake.

6.Use assorted candies to make beach toys.

7.Melt green candy melts to create the top of a pretzel palm tree


Beach Ball Cookies

Favorite sugar cookie mix
Royal icing
Pink, purple, teal and yellow food coloring
Circle cookie cutter
Icing bags
Wilton icing tip #3


1.Use circle cookie cutter to make the beach ball shape for cookies, bake and allow to cool.

2.Split icing into four and color pink, purple, teal and yellow.

3.Create six sections on the cookie. The sections should not be the same size. Using the icing tip #3 flood sections of cookie with alternating colors. The dot on the cookie should be off centered.


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