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These spiders are more silly than spooky, and will add some Halloween cheer to your home! Get creative with different colors and make an entire family of sweet spiders to celebrate the spooky season.


1 Hard Styrofoam brand foam ball, 1”

X-acto knife

Hot glue gun

Glue sticks

1 Bag of assorted pom poms, varied sizes

Wire cutters

1 Bag of springy tubes

8 Pipe cleaners to match the springy tube color

1 Set of large googly eyes



*Adult supervision required for steps involving x-acto knife and hot glue gun

1.For the head, cut the hard Styrofoam ball in half with an x-acto knife.

2.With the hot glue gun, attach the smaller pom poms onto the half Styrofoam ball, completely covering the surface.

3.For the body, place one large pom pom in the middle of your work surface. Attach large pom poms around the center pom poms.

4.Attach the head to the body of the spider with hot glue. Hold in place until dry.

5.Cut 8 legs 6″ from the springy tubes.

6.Cut 8 legs 7″ long from the pipe cleaners.

7.Slide the pipe cleaners into the springy tubes. Hot glue the ends of the tubes and pipe cleaners together. Curl the other end into a round ball to make a foot.

8.On the underside of the body, hot glue the 8 legs onto the body.

9.Glue the googly eyes on the head.

10.To make the spider sit up off the table surface, glue 3 large pom poms on the underside of the spider.

11.Flip the spider over to the right side up and bend the legs in place.



Hold the glued pom poms together until they dry.


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