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Pom Pom crown for your birthday



Assorted colors of felt – light pink, white with glitter, light purple, light blue
Assorted colors of glitter
Assorted colors of pom poms
Hot glue gun/glue gun sticks


1.To print the patterns, click on the “Download Project PDF” button (above).

2.Begin by tracing the two pieces of the Crown Pattern on the light pink and the white felt. Use scissors to cut out pattern.

3.Using hot glue, attach the light pink and white crown patterns layered on top of one another. Attach the two pieces of the crown together at the ends using hot glue. Attach the number 2 at the front of the crown, making sure the seam is not showing on the front.

4.Use hot glue to make dots on the number 2 and before glue dries, add glitter to the dots.

5.Use hot glue to attach pom poms to the crown.


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