Live Music from the North Pole!




This project is intended for kids ages 3+.


Construction Paper Pad By Creatology
9″ X 12″ Construction Paper By Creatology, 50 Sheets Color – Green
Canvas Panel Value Pack By Artist’s Loft Necessities Color –  White
Multicolor Pom Pom Value Pack By Creatology Color – Assorted
Multi-Surface Premium Satin Acrylic Paint By Craft Smart, 2oz. Color: Blue Sky
Elmer’s Washable School Glue
Creatology Blunt Tip Scissors
Triangle Paint Brushes By Creatology


1.Click here to download and print the template; then cut out the 24 number circles, the tree and star patterns.

2.Trace the tree pattern onto a piece of green construction paper. Cut out the shape.

3.Cut out a small rectangle to be the trunk of the tree from brown construction paper.

4.Trace the star pattern onto a piece of yellow construction paper. Cut out the shape.

5.Use glue to attach the tree and the tree trunk to the center of the canvas; then add the star on top. Press firmly and let the glue dry.

6.Use glue to attach the number circles to the canvas. Attach the circles with numbers 1 to 12 to the white part of the canvas, scattered around the tree, to look like snow. Then, place numbers 12 to 24 on the tree. Let dry.

7.Use markers to add details and embellishments, such as a garland, to the tree.

8.Dip your finger in Blue Sky paint, and use it to add dots around the white canvas to look like snow is falling around the tree. Dip a small paintbrush into the paint and create snowflake shapes on the canvas. Let dry.

TIP: To use the advent calendar, glue a pom-pom to the numbers on the canvas, starting with 1 and finishing with 24. After the 24th pom-pom has been glued, the next day is Christmas! Be sure to let the glue dry before hanging or displaying the calendar.


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