Live Music from the North Pole!


Makes 12 cupcakes


These cute and cuddly polar bears are winter-ready! Great for holiday parties, birthday parties, or any cold-weather month celebrations.


Favorite cupcake recipe or cake mix

SCOOP-IT Batter Spoons, 3-Piece

RECIPE RIGHT Non-Stick Muffin Pan, 12-Cup

Teal and White Polka Dots Cupcake Liners

10 x 16-Inch Cooling Grid

Favorite ready-made or home-made buttercream rrosting recipe

Black Icing Color

12-Inch Disposable Decorating Bags, 12-Count

9-Inch Angled Spatula

Candy Eyeballs

Flaked Coconut


Large Marshmallows (12 needed)




1.Prepare cupcakes according to recipe instructions.

2.Using standard size batter scoop, spoon into liners.

3.Bake cupcakes and then let cool.

5.To make ears and muzzles: Dip scissors into cornstarch, then cut marshmallows in half widthwise. Take one of each cut half, and cut again lengthwise for the ears. Trim remaining halves to 1/2 inch for muzzle.

6. To decorate cupcakes: With 9-inch angled spatula, smooth ice cupcakes with buttercream frosting. Attach ears at the tops of cupcakes, attach muzzle to bottom. Sprinkle coconut on cupcakes, press in slightly.

7. To add the eyes and nose: Prepare decorating bag with buttercream and tip 12, pipe small dots of icing to attach 2 candy eyes to each cupcake. Tint cup buttercream black with icing color. Prepare another decorating bag with black buttercream and tip 5. Pipe noses on marshmallow muzzle; pat smooth.


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