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PET CITY: Puppy Card



This cute Puppy sure is happy…watch his ears flip up when his tongue is pulled!



RECOLLECTIONS Photo Frame Cards & Envelopes, 5” x 7”

CREATOLOGY 1/2” Pom Poms, Black

CREATOLOGY Flat Back Wiggle Eyes

ELMER’S GLUE-ALL Multi-Purpose Liquid Glue, Extra Strong

RECOLLECTIONS 8.5” x 11” Cardstock Paper, White

CREATOLOGY 9” x 12” Construction Paper, Assorted Colors

CREATOLOGY Blunt Tip Scissors

Computer & Printer




1.CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE to print the templates; cut out. Then, cut a piece of green cardstock, sized  7″ x 7”, to make the card front. Next, make a fold 1/2” from the edge on one side of the green card. Repeat for the opposite side.

2.Cut a 2″ slit across the center, about 3 3/4” from the top of the green card piece. Trace and cut the ears from black construction paper. Then, trace and cut the tongue from red construction paper.

3.Glue tongue to the bottom center of the black cut out ear shape; set aside. Trace and cut a half circle from brown contraction paper to make the body. Glue to bottom of green card. Turn green card over with folded edges pointing up.

4.Place ears across the top of the green card, in between the folded edges, and pull the tongue through the slit to the front of the green card. Flip the green card back over and glue folded edges to a white 6″ x 7″ piece of construction paper.

5.Trace and cut the head pattern from brown construction paper. Glue to the green card at the top portion. Fold the center tab over the back of the card and glue in place. Fold dog ears forward.

6.Trace and cut 2 large black circles from construction paper, and 2 smaller white circles from construction paper. Layer and glue together. Glue to the puppy’s face and add large wiggle eyes. Trace and cut 2 tan circles from construction paper to make the dog’s muzzle.

7.Add a black pom pom to the center of his nose. Have fun watching the ears flip up when the tongue is pulled!

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