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Personal Thanksgiving treats


Brother Embellish machine
Brother Embellish P-touch satin ribbon: black on white
Chocolate cookie
Peanut butter chocolate candy
Small red candy for accent
Orange icing


1.Begin by turning on your Brother Embellish P-touch machine.

2.Insert 1/2″ black on white satin ribbon into your Brother P-touch Embellish Ribbon & Tape Printer.

3.Make sure your machine is reset by holding down shift and the backspace button. Choose Text&Format and press OK.

4.Type your Thanksgiving message.
When you are done typing, select the ???Frame??? button.
Scroll through the frame options until you see frame ???78??? and select the ???OK??? button.
Select the ???Font??? button to select the font.
Scroll through the font options until you see the font ???Calgary.???
Select the ???OK??? button.
Preview your design before printing by selecting the ???Preview??? button located under the ???Print??? button.
If you are satisfied with your design, select the ???Print??? button.

5.Cut your design using the cutting feature located on the right hand side of your embellish P-touch machine.

6.Repeat the previous steps to create as many personalized Thanksgiving messages as desired.

Thanksgiving treats
To make the pilgrim hat, put orange icing in the middle of your chocolate cookie.
Place the peanut butter chocolate candy on top of the icing on the chocolate cookie.
Place a small decorative red candy in the middle of the peanut butter chocolate candy for decoration.

Once your Thanksgiving treat is complete, place the cookie on a small cake stand.
Glue your P-touch embellish message on the cake stand or wherever you desire.

You can add fun frames with the Frame key and scroll through till you find the perfect one.
You can find the ???!??? by holding down Shift and the #1.


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