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Personalized Dog Bowl


Use a CRICUT Maker to design your best pal’s very own, personalized dog bowl…dinner has never been more fun!

CRICUT StrongGrip Transfer Tape
LOOPS & THREADS Straight Scissors
CRICUT Weeder Tool
ARTMINDS Ceramic Dog Bowl
Computer and Printer


1.Open your CRICUT Design Space by CLICKING HERE and create a new project. Click on the ‘Text’ icon on the left of the screen and type your dog’s name. Choose a font and size to fit on the front of the ceramic dog bowl.

2.Click ‘Make It’ in the upper right corner and then ‘Continue’ in the lower right corner.

3.Place your vinyl, grid-side down, onto your cutting mat, and load it into your CRICUT machine. Select ‘Vinyl’ for the material and cut out your design. Once the machine is done cutting, gently peel vinyl from the mat.

4.Use your weeder tool to separate the negative space and surrounding area around the name.

5.Cut a piece of transfer tape, large enough to fit over your dog’s name, and peel off the backer paper. Place the tape, sticky-side down, over the cut vinyl name and burnish. Gently peel back the transfer tape, and the name should be transferred to the tape.

6.Place the transfer tape with your dog’s name on the front of the ceramic dog bowl and burnish it.

7.Gently peel back the transfer tape, leaving your dog’s name on the front of the bowl.

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