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Personalized Christmas Door Mat


A personalized doormat is a great addition to your outdoor Christmas décor. Simply cut your name out of vinyl and use it as a stencil!


Con-Tact Matte Clear Covering
Outdoor Acrylic Paint By Craft Smart, 2oz. Color – White
Loops & Threads Straight Scissors
Flat Stencil Brush Set By Craft Smart
Hair Dryer
Paper Plate (or Palette Paper)
1 – Assorted Buffalo Check Christmas Doormat by Ashland


1.First, open Cricut Design Space and click ‘New Project’.

2.Design your name or saying.

3.Now, click ‘Make It’ in the upper right corner and then click ‘Continue’ in the lower right corner of your screen.

4.Select the material, place your vinyl on your mat and cut it out.

5.Peel the vinyl off the mat, then weed out the insides of the letters, leaving the rest of the vinyl in tact.

6.Cut a piece of clear contact paper (you don’t want this to be overly sticky) to the same size as your vinyl and lay it over the top of your vinyl stencil. Carefully peel the contact paper (which acts as your transfer tape) and the vinyl off of the backing paper.

7.Lay the vinyl on your door mat. Rub it down firmly, then carefully peel off the contact paper.
TIP: You can use additional vinyl or contact paper to cover more of the door mat if you’d like to protect it from getting paint on it when you start stenciling.

8.Now, take a hair dryer and heat the vinyl to help it stick to the door mat.
TIP: The warm air will make the adhesive on the vinyl stickier and it will help keep paint from seeping under the letters.

9.Now, pour out a generous amount of paint onto your paper plate, dip in your stenciling brush and pounce and swirl it in the open spaces of the name on the mat until the entire name is filled in to your liking. Let the paint dry for about five minutes, then peel off the vinyl.
TIP: Let the paint dry completely before using the mat.

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