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This Perler Countdown to Christmas is a fun family project to countdown the days until Christmas…create a new ornament each day to hang on the tree.



Perler Project Pattern (CLICK HERE)




Household tape



Clear Perler Activity Pegboards, assorted

CRAYOLA Pointed Tip Scissors *ADULT Required

Melty Beads Jar By Creatology, Multi-Color

Bead Tweezer

Craft Glue or tape *ADULT REQUIRED

Yarn or ribbon, optional



1.First, CLICK HERE to download and print the diagrams. Follow the patterns to make the ornaments.

2.ADULT, follow the ironing instructions included in the pegboard package.

3.ADULT, cut a piece of cardboard down to 8 1/2“ x 20″ [21.6 cm x 50.8 cm].

4.ADULT, cut along the dashed line at the bottom of tree piece A. Align piece A with piece B. Secure with craft glue (or tape). Mount to the piece of cardboard.

5.ADULT, use craft glue (or tape) to attach an ornament to the tree each day. Add the star on Christmas day to complete your countdown.

TIP: If you prefer to use the ornaments on your own 3-dimensional tree, add a hanger to each one using yarn or ribbon.


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