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Delectable Candy Cane Cake!


YOU’LL NEEDChocolate cake recipe – Click for recipe
Peppermint buttercream frosting recipe – Click for recipe
Peppermint crunch candies
Red icing pouch
Bright white Candy Melts candy
Store-bought chocolate sandwich cookies
6″x 2″ Round pan
Cooling grid
13″ Angled spatula
Disposable decorating bags
Cake icing tip 789
Icing smoother
Parchment paper
Cookie pan
Cake board
Star decorating tip 1M



1. Bake cake. Prepare chocolate cake recipe following recipe instructions. Bake and cool three cake layers.

2. Prepare buttercream. Prepare two batches of peppermint buttercream following recipe instructions.

3. Level, fill and stack cake layers with peppermint buttercream for a 6″ high cake. Lightly crumb coat cake; chill until set, about 20 minutes.

4. Reserve remaining buttercream.

5. Prepare parchment strips. Using ruler and pencil, make strips with parchment paper, 8 measuring 1 1/2″ wide and 8 measuring 3/4″ wide.

6. Decorate sides of cake. Ice cake smooth using reserved peppermint buttercream. Carefully apply the parchment strips to the cake, alternating the different sizes (1 1/2″ strip, 3/4″ strip, 1 1/2″ strip, etc.).

7. Once all the strips have been attached, carefully remove the 1 1/2″ strips.

8. Place cake on cookie pan to catch any falling pieces. Using your hand, lightly press the peppermint crunch candies onto all the open spaces. 

9. Remove 3/4″ strips. Using Red icing pouch with round tip, pipe candy cane lines on all the open white sections.

10. Decorate cookies. Melt 4oz Bright White candy according to package directions. Dip chocolate sandwich cookies 1/2 way into melted candy. Place on parchment paper-covered cake board. Sprinkle peppermint crunch candies on each dipped cookie. Repeat for a total of 6 cookies. Let chill until set, about 5 minutes.

11. Decorate top of cake. Prepare decorating bag with tip 1M and remaining peppermint buttercream. Pipe 6 swirls, evenly spaced, around top of cake. 

12. Place cookies, with undipped cookie facing out, in between each swirl.

13. Sprinkle remaining peppermint crunch candies on top of swirls.


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