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Penny Paper Spinners

From Crayola


Put your lucky penny to good use in the form of a colorful Penny Paper Spinner! This fun DIY fidget toy comes in handy on trips and relaxed summer days.



CRAYOLA Construction Paper

CRAYOLA Scissors


Disposable Cup

Craft Knife

Hot Glue Gun *adult required


CRAYOLA Colored Pencils

CRAYOLA No-Run School Glue





1.With a No. 2 pencil, trace the bottom of disposable cup onto construction paper.

2.Cut out circle.

3.Create designs on circle with colored pencils and markers.

4.Trace circle onto thin cardboard box.

5.Cut out circle.

6.Glue designed circle onto cardboard circle. Dry 1 to 2 hours.

7.Ask an adult to cut a small slit in disc with craft knife.

8.Lightly push penny into slit with equal penny exposed on top and bottom.

9.Ask an adult to secure the penny to the bottom of the cardboard using a hot glue gun.

10.Spin, spin, spin!


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