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Monster Mash your pumpkin for your next Halloween bash!


Funkin Pumpkin

Hot glue gun/glue


Large googly eyes

Xacto blade

Black foam sheet

Sticker-backed felt in brown and white


1.Using an Xacto blade, cut around the top of the Funkin to create a removable lid.

2.Cut a piece of foam to attach the lid of the Funkin. Glue the foam to the back holding the lid to the base.

3.Cut a larger piece for the front of the Funkin that is 2″ to 3″ tall to raise the Funkin lid open.

4.Glue the bottom of the foam to the base of the Funkin to secure in place.

5.Cut a piece of felt to cover the large front foam piece leaving the top jagged to mimic fur. Stick the felt to the foam.

6.Hot glue the two googly eyes to the brown felt.

7.Create hand shapes for each side of the monster to appear as if he is holding onto the edge of the Funkin. Cut them out with scissors and use the sticky adhesive back to secure them to the Funkin.

8.Use the white felt to embellish the hands by cutting out sharp claw nails for each finger and stick them in place.


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