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Patriotic Popsicles


Keep it Cool this 4th!



Star popsicle molds
Star ice cube mold
Blue and red juice drinks
Vanilla yogurt
Cool Whip
Frozen or fresh blueberries and strawberries
Coconut water
Vanilla icecream
Yellow cake mix
Vanilla extract
Blue and red sprinkles
Blue and red food coloring
Lemon-lime soda
Blue and Red gummy bears
Piping bags
Craft sticks



1.Yogurt and Juice Popsicles: Mix 2 cups of each – vanilla yogurt and Cool Whip in a bowl. Layer mixture with blue and red juice, allowing each layer to freeze before adding the next one. Start with a blue layer, once frozen (about an hour), add yogurt/Cool Whip with a craft stick and freeze. Alternate yogurt/Cool Whip with red to make a flag themed popsicle.

2.Fruit and Coconut Water: Pour blueberries into 1/3 of the popsicle mold, add enough coconut water to cover berries and then freeze. Once frozen add another 1/3 of coconut water with a craft stick and freeze. Add Strawberries to the top of the mold with more coconut water. Berries can also be added to star molds with coconut water for refreshing ice cubes.

3.Yogurt Marbled Popsicles: Mix 2 cups of each vanilla yogurt and Cool Whip into a bowl. Separate into thirds coloring 1/3 red and 1/3 blue with food coloring. Slowly fold each colored mixture back into the white yogurt/Cool Whip mixture. Don’t over fold or the colors will combine. Using a pipping bag fill each star popsicle mold to the top. Place a craft stick 2/3 of the way into the mold. Freeze until solid.

4.Cake Batter Sprinkle Popsicles: Combine 3 cups of vanilla ice cream, 3/4 cup of yellow cake mix, 2 tsp of vanilla extract and 1 cup of milk in blender, blend on medium until combined. Pour into bowl and gently mix in 1/2 of blue and red sprinkles. Pour mixture into molds and freeze for one hour. Add craft stick 2/3 of the way into mold and continue to freeze until solid.

5.Lemon-lime soda and Gummy Bears: Fill popsicle mold with red and blue gummy bears. Pour lemon-lime soda about 3/4 of the way to the top (soda will overflow while freezing). Freeze for 30 minutes and then add craft sticks.

Run molds under warm water for 20 seconds to easily remove popsicles from molds. Use a piping bag to easily add yogurt/Cool Whip layers.
Stir soda to reduce bubbles so it won’t overflow while freezing.


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