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Patriotic Marshmallows on a Stick




Wilton Candy Melts: red, white and blue
Wilton sprinkles
Wilton Candy Melts treat sticks



1.Put a marshmallow on each stick without poking the stick all the way through the marshmallow.

2.Melt Candy Melts per directions on packaging.

3.Dip a marshmallow into a desired color of Candy Melts to coat.

4.Immediately roll or drizzle the candy-coated marshmallow with sprinkles.


Allowing each color to dry before adding a new color will keep them nice and clean looking.

A helpful item to have for these is a block of crafting foam. Once you decorate a marshmallow you can put the stick in the foam to keep your treats upright and keep them from flattening on one side.


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