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Patriotic Ice Cream Cones


Red, White & Blue Ice cream cones



Color Right Food Coloring System
White Decorator Icing – 4.5 lb. (6 cups needed for 12 cones)
Favorite cupcake mix or recipe
Sugar ice cream cones
Color Swirl 3-Color Coupler Decorating Kit
Cupcake Cone Baking Rack



1.Place baking rack on jelly roll pan. Fill rack with 12 sugar cones. Prepare cake batter. Add 2 tablespoons batter to each sugar cone. Bake for 15 minutes, let cool.

2.Prepare icing. Tint icing following color formulas.

3.Use Color Right base colors and QuickCount color formulas to tint the following shades:

4.Bright & Bold Red: 2 cups white decorator icing + 26 R

5.Bright & Bold Blue: 2 cups white decorator icing + 40 B

6.Reserve 2 cups white

7.Prepare decorating bag. Prepare three disposable decorating bags with tinted icing and assemble with Color Swirl Three-Color Coupler and tip 1M.

8.Decorate cone cakes. Use tip 1M and assembled bags to pipe a swirl on cake cone tops.


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