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Patriotic Dog Bed and Toy



After an afternoon of play with this DIY toy, the bed will be perfect for any pup to enjoy a relaxing July 4th or lazy summer day.


1 No-sew throw fleece kit

1/2 yd 3″ foam

1 bag Poly-fil

Basic sewing supplies

Pattern Templates (CLICK HERE)



*Dog bed and pillow templates (1/2″ seam allowance included on bed, 1/4″ on pillow)

1.Using the templates, cut two circles out of cushion fabric (19″ circle), 2 stars out of pillow fabric, 4″x 61″ rectangle, and 8″x 61″ rectangle. Remove 1/2″ seam allowance from cushion template and use to cut circle out of foam.

2.Sew 4″ rectangle along short side with RST.

3.Sew 8″ rectangle along short side with RST, leaving an opening of 3”.

4.Fold 8″ tube in half WST.

5.Baste raw edges of 8″ tube to one edge of 4″ tube with RST.

6.Sew one fleece circle RST to the stitched edge of the 4″ tube, sewing all three layers together.

7.Sew fleece circle to unsewn long side of 4″ tube, RST, leaving large enough hole to fit cushion through. Sew opening closed.

8.Fill 8″ tube of bed with Poly-fil and hand stitch opening closed.

9.Sew both star pieces RST, leaving small opening for turning.

10.Clip corners turn star RST and stuff with Poly-fil. Sew opening closed.

11.Cut three 2″x 18″ strips of fleece, knot one end, and braid until reaching end of strips.

12.Finish with another knot.



RST = Right sides together

WST = Wrong sides together


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