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Getting the wheels turning at your next party is a breeze with Party Pinwheels. Children color each panel a different color and watch a rainbow dance in the wind.


CRAYOLA Construction Paper


Paper Fasteners

CRAYOLA Scissors

Bamboo Skewers



1.With CRAYOLA Scissors, cut a piece of construction paper into a square. Fold it diagonally in half (corner to corner). Open it back up and fold the paper diagonally across the other two corners. Open the paper to a flat square again. You should now have an X folded into the square.

2.Decorate all four sections of the paper on both sides. Use any colors and patterns you like with CRAYOLA Crayons.

3.Cut the paper-starting at each corner-along the four fold lines. Stop cutting about a thumb’s width away from the center on each line. Gently bend the long point from each cut triangle across the center.

4.In the center where the points cross, poke a thumbtack (ask an adult for help) through all the paper and then into the dowel stick or pencil. Or, poke a brass paper fastener through the layers. Wrap the end of the paper fastener around a dowel stick or pen

5.To start your pinwheels, turn the paper wheel around a few times to loosen it so it can spin. Then watch the colors dance as the breeze or your breath catches your creation. Adult assistance may be needed!


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