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Time to put on your elf hat!



1 Multicolor Pom Pom Value Pack By Creatology

 1 Construction Paper Pad By Creatology

1 Glitter & Sequin Glue By Creatology

1 Blunt Tip Scissors By Creatology







1. First, click here to download and print the template, then cut out the shape.

2. Trace the shape onto construction paper.

3. Cut out all pieces and set aside.

4. Cut two pieces of the green construction paper at 2½” [6.4 cm] x 9″ [22.9 cm].

5. Glue the two green pieces end to end with a 2″ [5.1 cm] overlap. Let dry.

6. Glue the small triangle pieces next to each other on the green piece from Step 4. Let dry.

TIPUse the image as a guide as you make your Paper Elf Hat.

7. Flip the green piece over and glue the long triangle pieces next to each other. Let dry.

8. Take the glued pieces and place around your head to get the right fit. Mark with a pencil, then glue it together where marked. Let dry.

9. Glue the top pieces together. Let dry.

10. Take five pom-poms and make a circle. Glue them together and let dry.

11. Take one pom-pom and glue it into the center of the pom-pom circle. Let dry.

12. Glue the completed pom-pom circle to the top of the glue pieces of your elf hat. Let dry.

13. Fold the straight edge of your elf ears about ½” [1.27cm].

14. Glue the folded edge of your elf ears to the hat. Let dry.


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