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Fun Halloween Blocks


Darice Wood Blocks

DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint: Cool White, Bright Orange, Festive Green

Delta Creative Ceramcoat Paint: Yellow

Folk Art Acrylic Paint: Licorice

Halloween Stencils


Sponge Paintbrushes (one for each color)

Small Paintbrush


1.On one of the blocks, use a pencil to lightly draw lines to divide the block lengthwise into three sections.

2.Paint the top section Cool White, the middle Bright Orange, and the bottom Yellow.

3.Paint each of the rest of the blocks solid colors. One Cool White, one Yellow, and two Bright Orange.

4.Allow all to dry.

5.Use a pencil to lightly trace the Halloween stencils onto the painted blocks.

6.Use a small paintbrush to paint the details of the stencils.

7.Allow to dry.

Use a clean brush or new sponge brush for each new color.


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