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Carry a DIY tote bag that’ll make people stop and take note! Great for teachers and students, our canvas tote bag craft for kids and adults is easy to make.



CRAYOLA Acrylic Paint

Canvas Bag

Disposable Cups

CRAYOLA Fabric Markers

CRAYOLA Paint Brushes


Craft Sticks


Using a pencil and ruler, make a tick mark at the top and bottom of the bag, both at an equal distance from the left edge.

Use red fabric marker and ruler to connect the tick marks, making a vertical line to create the margin of a piece of notebook paper.

Leave space at the top of bag for the first line of notebook paper, then make evenly-spaced tick marks along the red line with pencil.

Make another set of evenly-spaced tick marks on the right side.

Use blue fabric marker and ruler to connect the tick marks, making horizontal lines across the bag like notebook paper.

Add the 3-hole punch to the left margin with black fabric marker.

Pour and stir paint with craft sticks in disposable cups.

Paint accents, doodles, or your name on the bag. Dry 1 to 2 hours.

Load your gear and take your custom tote on the go!

When adding designs to your bag, be sure to sketch in pencil first.

Get creative with how you want to decorate your bag; we chose to add fun bubble letters!

Experiment with mixing different paint colors. To create a shadow effect, separate the same base color into 2 disposable cups. Mix a small amount of white paint into one of the cups to create the letter color. Mix a small amount of black paint into the other cup to create the shadow color.


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