Live Music from the North Pole!

Make a gift extra special with these adorable holiday containers. Perfect for under the tree, filled with special goodies, candies, and gifts! Adult supervision required with use of craft knives and painting…fun for the entire family!


Snowman Gift Pot 


•DecoArt ® Americana® Acrylic Paint (Snow White, Ebony Black, Light Avocado, Hauser Light Green, Tangelo Orange, True Blue, Milk Chocolate, True Red, Mustard Seed, and Turquoise Blue)

•American Painter® Paintbrushes (3/4-inch Wash, #12 Shader, #1 and #3 Round)

•Stencil Brush

•Chaco Paper

•Pink Powder Blush

•Clay Pot

Step 1 Paint the rim of the pot Snow White. Paint the pot True Red. When dry, paint the inside of the pot Hauser Light Green.

Step 2 Paint a wavy line of Snow White around the bottom inch of the pot.

Step 3 Transfer the snowman, tree and star designs to the pot using Chaco Paper. Paint the snowman Snow White, and then shade edges with Turquoise Blue. Paint snowman’s arms Milk Chocolate and then paint scarf True Blue. Paint nose Tangelo Orange, then dot eyes and mouth with Ebony Black.

Step 4 Paint trees Light Avocado. Add detail lines with Hauser Light Green. Paint tree trunks with Milk Chocolate.

Step 5 Paint stars Mustard Seed, then shade with Tangelo Orange.

Step 6 Paint “Happy Holidays” on pot rim, or personalize with name of your choice.

Step 7 When paint is thoroughly dry; rub snowman’s cheeks with Pink powder blush.

Step 8 Thin Snow White paint slightly with water. Dip a stencil brush into the paint, and then “flick” your fingers over the bristles to spatter paint onto the pot.

Step 9 Fill pot with gluten-free goodies!

Snowman Treats Jar

Materials List

•FolkArt® Enamels – (Calypso Sky, Aqua, Forest Moss, Wicker White, Pure Orange, Silver Glitter, and Gold Glitter)

•FolkArt® Spouncers – 1 1/4-inch and 3/4-inch

•Ashland™ Glass Apothecary Jar – 10″

•#1 Liner Brush

•Craft Tape

•Craft Knife

•Rubbing Alcohol


•Brush Basin

•Paper Towels

•Foam Plates
Step 1 Wash apothecary jar and lid in mild soap and water. Dry and wipe with rubbing alcohol to remove any additional residue.

Step 2 Measure and tape off a 1-inch band from bottom edge of jar. Using Spouncer, apply several coats of Calypso Sky, leaving a small amount of drying time between coats. When dry, apply Silver Glitter in same manner. Let dry. Score along tape with craft knife, then remove.

Step 3 Tape off knob on lid and apply Aqua. When dry, score along tape with craft knife then remove. Use Spouncers to create Calypso Sky dots around lid. Use liner brush to create simple Wicker White starbursts. Use handle end of liner brush dipped in Forest Moss and Silver Glitter to create dots on snowflakes.

Step 4 Tape off a triangle on apothecary jar for tree. Use Spouncer to fill triangle with Forest Moss. When dry, apply Gold Glitter. Score along tape with craft knife then remove.

Step 5 Create snowmen with Spouncers in Wicker White. Paint all details with liner brush.

Step 6 Use liner brush to paint more snowflakes around tree in Wicker White. Use handle end of liner brush dipped in Forest Moss and Silver Glitter to create dots on snowflakes. Let dry.

Step 7 Turn apothecary over and apply Gold Glitter to underside of base with Spouncer. When dry, apply Aqua over glitter and let dry.

Step 8 Fill with your favorite gluten-free treats!

Snowman Pals Gift Box


•DecoArt Laurie Speltz’s Instant Images- Winter Wonderland Journal Template

•Americana Acrylics- (Snow White, Deep Burgundy, Bright Orange, Lamp Black, Lavender, Dioxazine Purple, True Blue, Hauser Medium Green, Bright Yellow, and Winter Blue)

•Stencil Brush Wooden Gift Bag

•Permanent Ink Pen

Step 1 Basecoat the box with Deep Burgundy. Dilute paint to ink consistency and spatter the box with Snow White.

Step 2 As shown in the photo, draw the snowmen, snowflakes, and tree with Snow White. Then, trim dots with Snow White, and the background stars with Bright Yellow.

Step 3 Shade snowmen with Winter Blue. The noses are Bright Orange; the eyes and mouths are Lamp Black.

Step 4 The large snowman has a Lavender scarf. Shade the scarf with Dioxazine Purple. The lines are Dioxazine Purple and Snow White. The small snowman has a Hauser Medium Green scarf with Snow White details.

Step 5 Add the Lamp Black hat. The dots are Snow White; the trim is added with Lavender.

Step 6 As shown in the photo, the penguin is based with Lamp Black and has a Snow White belly. The beak is Bright Yellow. Add a scarf with Winter Blue. Shade the scarf with True Blue. The lines are Snow White. The eyes are dots of Snow White with smaller dots of Lamp Black. Add eyebrows with fine line of Snow White.

Step 7 Pounce color along the bottom of the box with Snow White, and then add details with a permanent ink pen.

Step 8 Fill with gluten-free candies!