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Monster & Ghost Lollipops




Get ready for the ultimate monster mash-up of cute Halloween party favors. Hidden beneath these monster, bat, ghost, spider and alien costumes are bold and fruity JOLLY RANCHER Lollipops. Make treat time a mystery — which flavor will you get?



Colorful tissue paper (black, white, purple, orange and green)

Pipe cleaners (various colors)

Glue dots (or double sided tape)

Googly eyes (small)

Black marker

Silver or chalk marker




1.Cut 6” circles of tissue paper in multiple colors. Double up your paper for each monster so the lollipop flavor doesn’t show through.

2.Place the tissue paper over the lollipop and secure by twisting a pipe cleaner around the base of the lollipop. Trim excess pipe cleaner wire.

3.Use glue dots to add your googly eyes (between 1 and 4 depending on the creepiness of your creatures!). Draw on a mouth or smile using a black, silver or chalk marker, depending on the color of your tissue paper.

4.Display your monsters in a Halloween bowl by sticking the ends into a foam block or ball. You can also lay them down on a tray for quick picking!


TIPS: Level up your creatures! To make a spider, add more black pipe cleaners. To make a vampire bat, use glue dots to add wings. Get creative with any color tissue paper to make a unique and marvelous monster.


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