Live Music from the North Pole!


Create a cutie-pie Model Magic Snowman Ornament for some holiday fun.



Creatology Assorted Blue Chenille Stems

Crayola Model Magic 2lb. Bucket, White

Crayola Model Magic, 4oz., Orange

Crayola Model Magic, 4oz., Blue

Crayola Model Magic, 4oz., Black



1.Roll some white Crayola Model Magic into a ball about the size of a golf ball.

2.Use blue Model Magic to shape a hat for your snowman. To make the stocking cap, start by forming a long cone, then press the base onto the snowman’s head and shape the rest of the hat. Add a small white ball to the end of the stocking cap.

3.Make a “carrot” nose using orange Model Magic and two “coal” eyes using black Model Magic.

4.Cut about a 4″ piece from a chenille pipe cleaner. Bend it into a loop and press it into the back of the head to make a hanger.


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