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Enjoy some fall funtime down on the farm with this adorable Model Magic Fall Farm Craft. Perfect for fall farm trips and apple cider sips, this animaltastic craft uses CRAYOLA Model Magic, Markers, and more.



CRAYOLA Broad Line Markers

CRAYOLA Scissors


CRAYOLA No-Run School Glue

CRAYOLA Model Magic



1.Cut out a 7” x5.5” piece of cardboard with CRAYOLA Scissors.

2.Cover the cardboard with CRAYOLA Model Magic (green, yellow and tan).

3.Draw farm and animal shapes on the cardstock.

4.Cut out your shapes.

5.Decorate with CRAYOLA Markers and CRAYOLA Model Magic for 3D effect.

6.Glue animals to craft sticks with CRAYOLA School Glue.

7.Insert craft sticks into CRAYOLA Model Magic base to make a playful farm scene.

TIP: Insert crab stick into Model Magic and remove again while Model Magic is still wet. This will allow you to move the completed farm and animal sticks around into the different slots once it dries.


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