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Have fun with this holiday craft when you created a Mixed Media Christmas Tree Canvas.



Bubble wrap



paint palette (or paper plate)

Creatology 9”x12” Canvas Panel

Creatology Acrylic Paint Set

Creatology Taklon Bristle Paint Brushes

Creatology Assorted Acrylic Gems

Creatology Twistable Oil Pastels

Creatology Craft Glue Pens



1.Paint the background of a canvas panel and set aside to dry.

2.Paint all over a sheet of mixed media paper with different shades of paint. Let the paint dry. TIP: You are creating your own unique background!

3.Now, draw and scribble over the sheet with the oil pastels.

4.Measure and cut 1/2“ strips of you background paper. You will need approximately 16 to 18 strips.

5.Add some interest to your painted canvas with bubble wrap! Add some paint to some bubble wrap, then press (or “stamp”) it all over your canvas. Let dry.

6.Now it’s time to make the tree. Start at the bottom with the longest strip. Cut the length as desired to fit on your canvas and glue it in place with a glue stick. Cut your strips slightly shorter than the previous strip as you work up the tree. Glue the strips as you work.

7.Build your tree to the top point, then cut a piece or two of strips to make a trunk and glue in place.

8.Decorate your tree with gems. Use a glue stick to attach.


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