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Why is it so easy to lose a mitten during wintertime…well for this craft, one is all you need to create an adorable gift tag for your holiday presents.


Unfinished wood mitten ornament

Fabric fat quarter

Chalk board paint


Green twine

X-Acto knife

Cutting mat

Foam brush

Medium paintbrush


Chalk marker



1.Apply a thick coat of MOD PODGE to back of mitten. Position on fabric and let dry. Cut excess fabric using X-Acto knife.

2.Apply coat of MOD PODGE around front rim of mitten. Position fabric and allow to dry. Cut excess fabric around and inside using X-Acto knife. Apply MOD PODGE on fabric if necessary.

3.Paint inside mitten with chalkboard paint. Allow to dry. Apply additional coats as necessary.

4.Use X-Acto knife to re-pierce holes on top of mitten.

5.Cut a 10″ length of twine, thread through hole and knot.

6.Use chalk marker to personalize.


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