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Get out your shiniest cauldron and your eye of newt…Halloween is the perfect time to concoct a dozen of these delicious Mini Eyeball Cupcakes…great for birthday parties, too!


Favorite cupcake mix or recipe

Wilton Decorating Icing, White

Wilton Gel Food Coloring: Orange, Rose, Kelly Green, Sky Blue 

Wilton Candy Eyeballs

PLUS decorating tip #1A



1.Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 

2.Mix up a batch of cupcake batter according to your favorite mix or recipe directions.

3.Next, place mini baking cup liners into your mini muffin pan. Use a batter spoon to fill each cup with batter. Bake your cupcakes, then let them cool.

4.Divide the decorating icing into one cup portions, then tint each portion with a fun monster color. Place each color of icing into a separate decorating bag fitted with tip #1A.


TIP: Want to make the same colors as in the featured cupcakes? Here’s how to mix each one:

FOR ORANGE: Mix orange icing color with a touch of brown.

FOR PINK: Mix Rose icing color with a touch of Red-Red and black.

FOR MINT: Mix Kelly Green icing color with a touch of Sky Blue.

FOR TEAL: Mix Sky Blue icing color with a touch of Golden Yellow and black.

FOR BLUE: Mix Royal Blue and Violet icing colors together.

5.Pipe a large dot of colorful icing onto the center of each cupcake. Have fun mixing and matching colors!

6.Finally, place a candy eyeball onto the center of each cupcake.


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