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Mini Easter Egg Piñatas



These adorable Mini Easter Egg Piñatas can be used as cute Easter decorations or placeholders for a classroom party or Easter dinner.


Newspaper torn into small pieces

1 cup all-purpose flour (plain)

1 cup water

Medium bowl

6 balloons (5”)

Crepe paper in a variety of colors







1.Inflate 6 balloons, tie closed, and tie a short ribbon to each balloon.

2.Combine the flour and water in a bowl. Place half the newspaper pieces in the flour-water mixture until thoroughly soaked.

3.Cover each balloon with a layer of soaked newspaper.

4.Hang the balloons up from the ribbons until the newspaper layer is dry. While they dry, soak the remaining newspaper pieces.

5.Cover each balloon in a second layer of soaked newspaper. Hang the balloons and let them dry overnight.

6.Use scissors to poke a hole near each balloon’s knot. Deflate and remove the balloon from the piñata.

7.Cut the crepe paper into strips. Cut a fringe on the bottom of each crepe paper strip.

8.Use the glue to attach the crepe paper strips around each piñata, layering the strips over each other to completely cover the newspaper.

9.Once the glue is dry, fill each mini piñata with KISSES Chocolates. Use the opening left by the balloon. Widen slightly with scissors, if needed.

10.Use scissors to poke a small hole on each side of the opening.

11.Wind a piece of ribbon through the two holes. Pull up both ends of the ribbon and tie to make a loop.


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