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Mini Dog Bed



Your little pup will be cozy during nap time with this soft bed…a favorite for cats, too!


1 yard of Pet Performance Paw Print Fabric

3/4 yard Pet Performance Sherpa Fabric

3 yds (8/32) cording

1 medium bag of Fiberfil

General sewing supplies

Sewing machine

Zipper foot (for piping)



*1/2“ seams

1.Paw Print Fabric: 1 1/4“ wide strips on slight bias. (cut enough to equal 3.5 yards)

2.Stitch end to end and cover cording using zipper foot to make piping.

3.Cut two pieces, top and bottom: 16“ x 16“ (1 top out of Sherpa & 1 bottom out of Paw Print)

4.On top piece, stitch contrast piping around all edges. Do the same on the bottom piece.

5.From main fabric cut 4 pieces 5“ x 16“ for boxing strips.

6.Leaving 1/2“ open at top and bottom of each seam, stitch corners of seams together to form a rectangle.

7.Matching like edges, stitch boxing strip to all four sides of top.

8.Repeat for the bottom, leaving an 8“ opening at back for turning.

9.Turn right side out and stuff with fiberfill.

10.Slipstitch opening.


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