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Make this Merry and Bright Christmas Sign… it’s a great DIY personalized craft for the holidays.



ArtMinds Wood Pallet Plaque, 17” x 11”

Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers, Fine Tip

ArtMinds Foam Brush

Artist’s Loft Aluminum Straight Edge Ruler


Paper Towels



1.Brush white gel stain onto the wood pallet, one plank at a time. Apply a thick amount of stain to one plank and use a paper towel to wipe away excess and spread the stain lightly to the edges. Repeat this step on each plank of wood. Let dry.

2.Use a ruler to mark the center of the sign. Write the saying lightly on the planks with a pencil.

TIP: Type out the “Merry and Bright” saying on the computer and transfer it onto the wood sign using graphite paper.

3.Draw over the pencil lines of the words with a black paint pen. Let dry.

4.Use a pencil to draw a strand of lights across the top and bottom of the sign.

5.Color in the lights with paint pens. Let dry.

6.Outline the lights and the strand of lights with a black paint pen. Let dry.


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