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Matching Spring Bunny T-Shirts



Match your sweetie this spring with these adorable Bunny T-shirts. Made with a CRICUT Maker, this fun craft will inspire to make even more matching tees for family and friends.


Gildan Short Sleeve Youth and/Adult T-Shirts, Sport Gray (appropriate sizes)

SISER EASYWEED Heat Transfer Vinyl, Black (11.8” x 36”)

SISER EASYWEED Heat Transfer Vinyl, Aqua (11.8” x 36”)

SISER EASYWEED Heat Transfer Vinyl, Cherry (11.8” x 36”)

SISER EASYWEED Heat Transfer Vinyl, Light Pink (11.8” x 36”)

SISER EASYWEED Heat Transfer Vinyl, White (11.8” x 36”)

SISER EASYWEED Heat Transfer Vinyl, Orange (11.8” x 36”)


CRICUT Weeder Tool

LOOPS & THREADS Straight Scissors


CRICUT EASYPRESS 2 Raspberry, 9” x 9”





1.CLICK HERE to search the burn design in the CRICUT Design Space.

2.Size the design as you would like it to appear on your shirt.

3.Click ‘Make It’ in the upper right corner of your screen.

4.In your preview screen, check ‘Mirror’ in the left panel for each mat, to reverse your image.

5.Now, click ‘Continue’ in the bottom right corner of your screen and choose the correct material.

6.Place the iron-on material, shiny-side down, onto your cutting mat. Load the mat into your CRICUT machine, then press the blinking CRICUT icon to start cutting.

7.Once your machine is done cutting each color, use scissors to cut your design from the iron-on material roll. Next, use your weeder tool to remove all the excess material around and inside your design. You’ll be left with just the reversed design on the clear plastic carrier sheets, which are slightly sticky.

8.Preheat the EasyPress to the appropriate temperature for your material and, if needed, adjust the timer.

TIP: See the Quick Reference Guide, included with your EasyPress, for temperature and times. You can also use an iron to press your material. Just follow the instructions included in the iron-on material packaging.

9.Place your shirt on top of your EasyPress mat and then preheat the fabric for 5 seconds.

10.Place the carrier sheet, so it is sticky-side down, onto your shirt. You should be able to see the layer through the carrier sheet, just as it will appear once ironed.

TIP: Press each layer, one at a time, starting with the bottom layer.

11.Place your EasyPress on top of the design, apply the appropriate pressure for your material, and press the time button. Once it beeps, flip over your shirt and press for another 15 seconds. If your material is the warm peel type, you may go ahead and peel off the carrier sheet. If your material is a cool peel type, let it cool completely before removing the carrier sheet.


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