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A fun craft for some Halloween fun when your kiddos make this Marbled Paper Pumpkin.


Box lid
Kids Paint Pad by Creatology
Jumbo Elmer’s Disappearing Purple Glue Stick
Wood Head Beads by Creatology


1.Kids will have a ball making marbled paper using simple wooden beads and paint. Just squirt some paint around the edges and let the beads roll around a box lid.

2.Place a piece of paper in a box lid, then squirt a small amount of paint from each bottle around the edge, but not on the paper.

3.Toss the wood beads in the lid, then tilt the lid so the beads roll first through paint, then over the paper. Continue this technique, adding more paint as needed until the paper is marbled. Let the paint dry.

4.Cut out a pumpkin shape from the marbled paper.

5.Cut a stem for the pumpkin from construction paper and attach it to the pumpkin using a glue stick.

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