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Nothing says celebrate like confetti!



Wilton Decorator Preferred Fondant
Fondant Mini Cutouts (circle or desired shape) or icing tip #2A
gel food coloring in desired shade
parchment paper
fondant roller or rolling pin
cornstarch for dusting
Wilton Metallic Color Mist Spray in gold (optional)



1.Tear off a small piece of the fondant and kneading it using fingers to get it soft and pliable. Add a very small dot of gel paste food coloring to the fondant and continue working it between the fingers until the color is evenly distributed throughout the fondant. If desired, use latex gloves to keep fingers clean of food coloring.

2.First piece of fondant should be the lightest shade desired. Sprinkle some cornstarch over the work surface and roll the fondant into a very thin, even layer.

3.Use Tip 2A or the Mini Cutout tool to punch” as many dots as possible in the fondant. Peel away the excess fondant and set aside. Move the sprinkles” over to a piece of parchment paper to dry. Using the leftover fondant (and adding more as needed), add additional food coloring to create a slightly darker shade of pink and repeat the above steps to make the next set of sprinkles. Continue until there are at least three shades of sprinkles and enough to cover the intended cake or cupcakes.
If desired, use gold metallic Color Mist food spray to make a few gold sprinkles to add to the bunch.

4.Decorate the cake: frost a smooth layer of icing over the entire thing. Grab sprinkles and toss them on. Be sure to add the sprinkles right away, when the icing is sticky enough to catch them. Toss a few at the sides, too, or place them strategically as desired. Sprinkle on cupcakes, too – instant confetti.

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