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4th of July ring toss



Wood half crate
Wood stars with knobs (2)
7″ smooth mason jars (6)
4″ embroidery hoops (5)
Navy yarn
White chalk paint
Red glass enamel paint
Glue gun & glue sticks
Surface cover



1.Whitewash wood crate and stars by mixing a little water with white paint. Allow them to dry.

2.Glue stars on each side of crate.

3.Remove mason jar lids and pour enamel paint in to jars. Swirl paint around until the inside is entirely coated. Allow to dry upside down. Replace lids and put jars in crate.

4.Remove inner part of embroidery hoops and discard the outer part of hoop (or save for another project).

5.Apply a dot of hot glue inside hoop and secure one end of navy yarn.
Tightly wrap yarn around hoop until it is entirely covered, adding glue every few inches and at the end to secure. Trim excess. Repeat for all hoops.


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