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Let It Snow Wreath



Bring the snow indoors without the cold with the Let It Snow wreath. Great for outside on the door, too!


Foam 16″ Wreath

45″ x 8″ jersey fabric: red

48″ x 6″ rolled quilt batting

White sequins

Sequin pins

White yarn

White canvas tags (3)

1/2″ white ribbon

Black marker or paint pen

Low-temp glue gun




1.Wrap the batting around the front and sides of the wreath to completely cover. Trim so that the ends meet but do not overlap. Trim the batting even with the back edge of the wreath.

2.Wrap the jersey fabric over the wreath in the same way. Allow for a 1″ overhang around the outside of the wreath. Begin gluing the overhang to the back of the wreath. Keep the fabric even around the wreath. Glue the end again, slightly overlapping the fabric.

  • Pull the fabric snug through the inside of the wreath and wrap to the back. Glue the fabric around the back edge as you go. Pull out as many wrinkles as possible. Pleat the fabric evenly around the wreath for a uniform look.
  • Pin the sequins in place to look like falling snow. Pin the sequins sporadically towards the top of the wreath. Pin them thicker and more condensed as they accumulate at the bottom of the wreath.
  • Use a marker or paint pen to write a message on the canvas tags. Tie lengths of yarn to the tags and sequin pin them, hanging from the inside of the wreath. Tie lengths of ribbon around the yarn at the top of the tags to embellish.


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