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This LED Candle Menorah is fun to make and has a modern vibe…it’s also safe to keep lit unattended.


YOU’LL NEED *ADULT required for this craft

9 glass square containers

White Synthetic Brushes by Artist’s Loft Necessities

White chalky paint

Lara’s Crafts Wood Square Block

E6000 QUICKHOLD Adhesive *Adult Required

Bead Gallery Flower Sliders, Sapphire

Fine Stone Granules by Ashland, Blue

9 LED tea lights, gold



1.Paint both the inside and outside of nine glass containers with white chalky paint. Let dry.
TIP: You may want to add a second coat for a more opaque finish.

2.Paint a wood block with white chalky paint. Let dry.

3.Now, line up the containers and lay them on their side. Glue a sparkling slider to the front of each container and let dry completely before setting them back upright.

4.Fill each container with blue sand/fine stone granules and place a Gold LED tealight in each container.

5.Line up eight of the containers, then in back, place the ninth one on the wood block in the


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