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Kitten Valentine’s Card Box



This adorable Kitten Valentine’s Card Box will be the “cat’s meow” at your little one’s school Valentine’s Day party or a family party.


CRAYOLA Pointed Tip Scissors

CELEBRATE IT Valentine’s Day Mailbox, Red (or shoebox wrapped in red paper)

Assorted foam hearts

Silver sequins (for eyes) and thin ribbon (for whiskers)

Silver glitter glue (for whiskers)

Tape or glue stick and glue *adult supervision

Scissors *adult supervision



1.Turn the box on its side so that the slit is facing you horizontally.

2.Layer two hearts together and turn them upside-down to create the ears. Attach to the box.

3.Cut a large heart in half vertically to create the eyes. Attach the shapes horizontally with the points toward the center, above the slit of the box.

4.Attach smaller hearts inside the eyes to create the pupils of the eyes. Finish the eyes with a sequin inside each of the pupils, attached with glitter glue.

5.Attach a small heart below the slit for the nose.

6.use the glitter glue to create whiskers on either side of the slit. Let dry.

7.Embellish, as desired, with stickers from the kit.


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