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Kids Snowman Christmas Card


This project is intended for kids ages 3+. This clever pop-up snowman card is the perfect craft to make for a special person. Simple supplies come together to make an adorable card.


Jumbo Elmer’s Disappearing Purple School Glue Stick
Crayola Boxed Crayons, 24ct.
Creatology 9″ X 12″ Construction Paper, Assorted Colors
20 Color Round Tip Washable Marker Set By Creatology
Creatology Blunt Tip Scissors


1.First, click here to download and print the template; then cut out all the pieces.

2.Trace the mitten shape onto red construction paper, the hat onto black construction paper and the two circles onto white construction paper. Trace four of the snowman’s body onto white construction paper. Cut out all the pieces and set aside.

3.Fold a piece of blue construction paper in half.

4.Glue the mitten onto the front of the card. Line up the bottom right side of the mitten with the bottom right edge of the card. Then, glue the snowball (the largest circle) onto the mitten.

5.Write a message, such as “Let it Snow” on the snowball and add detail to the mitten if desired with the markers.

6.Fold the four snowman bodies in half vertically. Glue them back to back, then glue the remaining two sides into the middle of the card on the fold. Fold the card and press to make sure the snowman is adhering to the inside of the card. Now, open the card and glue the snowman’s head and hat in place.

7.Draw on the snowman’s face, add arms and a scarf with markers.

8.Draw white snowflakes in the background behind the snowman with a white crayon.

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