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Kids’ Ribbon Mustache Embellished Gift Box



Add some pizzazz and dress up your birthday gift boxes with these easy and fun ideas!


CELEBRATE IT Mustache Ribbon 5/8”


Gift Box

SCOTCH Gift Wrap Tape

Stickers or Mustaches Cut from Felt



1.Cut four strips of mustache ribbon wide enough to fit around the width of the box. 

2.Wrap the ribbons around the box and secure the ends on the bottom with gift wrap tape. 

3.Arrange embellishments in between bands of ribbon and secure with gift wrap tape. 



IDEA #1: Double up boxes for a tiered gift presentation by using a larger gift box on the bottom. Wrap each gift box in a different brightly-colored wrapping paper. Place a piece of double-sided tape on the bottom of the smaller box and place it on the larger box to secure. Wrap your favorite brightly-colored ribbon around both boxes, securing the ribbon on the bottom of the boxes with gift wrap tape.


IDEA #2: Create a monogramed gift tag by cutting out a circle from black cardstock. Using a white permanent marker, write your birthday message on the back (facing the gift box). Secure it onto the box or ribbon with tape (making sure not to put the tape over your written message). On the front of the gift tag, use the white marker to decorate it with dots around the rim and write the recipient’s first initial in the center (write the letter big to take up a majority of the circle).


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