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These accessories are perfect for the ultimate KID New Year’s Eve party! Whether it’s with family or friends, let the little ones help decorate their own Jingle Wands and Glasses to have while celebrating a festive New Year’s Eve.


Little Makers Value Pack Glasses

12″x18″ Little Makers Foam Sheets – various colors

Little Makers Glitter Foam Sheets with sticky back

Foam crowns

Little Makers Foam Glue

1 package of 1/4″ wood dowel rods

Assorted ribbons

Package of jingle bells – assorted sizes

Assorted sequins, stars, glitter

1 sheet of clear vinyl 11”x17″

Permanent paint marker


Craft knife



Project Patterns (CLICK HERE)



1.Enlarge patterns and print out.



1.Using the shooting star pattern, cut out 4″ stars from the foam. You will need 2 for each wand.

2.With your craft knife, cut out the center of each star leaving about 1/4″ of an outline.

3.Cut out two stars from the clear vinyl making them the same size as the foam stars. without the shooting streamer part.

4.Glue or staple the two pieces of clear vinyl together. leaving an opening on one side. Fill the clear stars with glitter and sequins. Close the opening to prevent the glitter from coming out.

5.Sandwich the clear star between the shooting stars. Glue them together.

6.Using your permanent paint marker, write Happy New Year phrases on the streamers of the shooting stars.

7.Attach the star to the wooden dowel rods by prying apart the outer foam and sliding in the dowel rod. Glue together and tie ribbons at the base of the stars on the wands.



1.Use the downloaded patterns to create rockets, stars, and moons to attach onto the crown. Most of them will be about 2’ to 3″ in size.

2.On the foam crown, cut off the tops or points on the crown. You are trying to make a base to attach the foam images and not appear like a princess crown.

3.You can cut a black band to be applied to the front of the crown to give it more depth and stability.

4.Cut the crown to fit the size of an average child.

5.Cut out “2020” from the gold glitter foam and attach in the center front of the crown with glue.

6.Attach the different images and “2020” onto the crown using image as a guide.

7.Glasses and wall photo images

8.Use the downloaded patterns to create multiple images with the different colored foam. You can make them different sizes. An average size is about 4-6 inches. To glue them together, use the foam glue. Let them dry before using.

9.You can attach foam images and numbers to the glasses as well.

10.All letters and numbers can be cut freehand from the foam.



To make the letters, first draw them on paper and then trace onto the foamie before cutting them out.


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