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Creatology Blunt Tip Scissors

Creatology 9”x12” Adhesive Basic Felt, Copper Canyon and White


Red craft foam

Gems, sequins, buttons, glitter, and other decorations

This Kids Felt Gingerbread House Card is as fun to make as it is to give.



1.Fold an 8 1/2“ x 11″ piece of cardstock in half to 5 1/2“ x 8 1/2“.

2.Measure down 3″ from the top and make a mark on each side of the card. Now, measure across the top to find the middle and make a mark.

3.Draw a light line from the top middle mark to the mark on the right, then from the top center mark to the mark on the left. This will create the roof of the house. Now, cut along the lines.

4.Glue the felt to the front of the card. Let the glue set, then cut the excess away from the rest of the card.

5.Cut some snow borders to go along the edge of the roof using white adhesive felt and stick it in place.

6.Make the candy cane poles and the door for the house using adhesive white felt, then cut pieces of red foam from the geometric shapes bucket to make stripes.

7.Decorate the rest of the house using the geometric foam shapes. TIP: Use any craft supplies you have on hand such as gems, sequins, felt, buttons and/or glitter to further embellish!


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