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Kids Feathered Turkey



This cutie little turkey will make your Thanksgiving table even more festive. Use as part of a centerpiece or make an entire family of turkeys to use as place settings.


Template (link provided in directions)



Orange glitter adhesive foam


CRAYOLA Pointed Tip Scissors

Neutral Feather Assortment by CREATOLOGY

ELMER’S Washable School Glue Gel

Assorted Wiggle Eyes Pack by CREATOLOGY

9″ X 12″ Basic Felt Sheet by CREATOLOGY, yellow

Red pom pom

CREATOLOGY Mini Wood Clothespins

Chenille stem, golden (pipe cleaner)



1.Click HERE to download the template. Print it out and cut out the shape for the turkey’s body.

2.Trace the turkey’s body two separate times onto the white backing of one sheet of orange glitter adhesive foam.

TIP: Trace the shape once, then flip it over to trace the second time. This will ensure that the two foam shapes match up perfectly.

3.Cut out both foam shapes and set them aside.

4.Select 10-12 feathers for the turkey’s tail. Remove the backing from one foam body shape and arrange the feathers, pressing them into the sticky-side of the foam, so that they fan out like a turkey’s tail.

5.Squirt glue onto this sticky-side of the foam, so that the glue covers the foam and feathers. Remove the backing from the second foam body shape and press it, sticky-side down, onto the first shape, so that the feathers are now sandwiched in between.

6.Glue on the turkey’s eyes.

7.Cut out a small triangle from yellow felt and glue that underneath the eyes to make the turkey’s beak. Glue a red pom pom at the bottom right corner of the beak to make the turkey’s wattle. Use image as a guide for placement of the turkey’s features, if you desire.

8.To make the turkey’s legs, clip two mini-clothespins onto the bottom of the turkey’s body shape. Coil one Goldenrod chenille stem around each clothespin to give your turkey’s legs some color. Dry completely.


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