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KIDS CLUB Valentine’s Day Arrow Card



Craft your own Cupid’s arrow and send some love to your valentines with a handmade card.


Small White Cards & Envelopes by RECOLLECTIONS, 4” X 5.5”

Jumbo Wood Craft Sticks by CREATOLOGY (approx. 4.5″ x 0.59″ x 0.08”)

12” X 18” Foam Sheet by CREATOLOGY, Red

CREATOLOGY Blunt Tip Scissors




SHARPIE Marker – Black

ELMER’S Craft Glue



1.Wrap a craft stick tightly with yarn. Add a dot of glue to each end to secure ti.

2.CLICK HERE to print patter and cut out.

3.Trace the 2 pieces of the arrow onto a piece of foam. Cut out.

4.Use a marker to add polka dots, or various patterns to the front of the card.

5.Glue the stick to the center of the card and glue the foam pieces into place.

6.Decorate the envelope to match and personalize for a friend.


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