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This Kids Club Play-Doh Ice Cream Cone craft is great for birthdays, summer playdates, or just any day you want your kiddos to have some fun.


Play-Doh, assorted colors

Creatology Wood Craft Sticks



1.Pull out a golf ball-sized piece of blue Play-Doh and knead it in your hands until it’s soft and pliable. Roll it into a cone shape to make the ice cream cone. 

2.Using the side of a craft stick, press it lightly into the Play-Doh cone shape to create a criss-cross waffle pattern. 

3.Push a craft stick into the cone, leaving half of it showing. 

4.Pull out a piece of white and a piece of red Play-Doh half the size of a golf ball and knead them together to create a swirl pattern. 

5.Roll into a ball and gently press onto the craft stick to the top of the cone. 

6.Roll a golf ball-sized piece of yellow Play-Doh into a ball and press it onto the craft stick so that it sits on top of the first ball. 

7.Take a craft stick and, using one end, press around the base of each ball to create the bottom of the ice cream scoop.


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