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These elves are so cute and make an adorable display on the fireplace mantle. Help the kiddos create one for themselves, or make one for each family member! A great afternoon family craft.


CRAYOLA Washable School Glue

CREATOLOGY Assorted Wiggle Eyes

CREATOLOGY Blunt Tip Scissors




1 Piece CREATOLOGY Basic Felt 9” x 12”, Red

1 Piece CREATOLOGY Basic Felt 9” x 12”, Apple Green

1 Piece CREATOLOGY Basic Felt 9” x 12”, Cashmere Tan



1.CLICK HERE to print the template and cut out shapes.


Trace the hat (A), waist band trim (B) and two leg (C) shapes on the red felt.


Trace the hat trim (D), coat trim (E) and two boot (F) shapes on the green felt.


Trace the ears (G) on the tan felt.


Cut out all the felt shapes.

2.Glue the green trim to the bottom edge of the hat. Overlap and glue the back edges together to make the cone hat.


Glue a green pom pom to the top of the hat.


Turn the clay pot upside-down and glue the hat to the bottom.


Wrap the red waist band trim around the rim of the clay pot. Glue in place.


Wrap the green coat trim around the rim of the clay pot, overlapping the bottom of the coat trim. Glue in place.

3.Glue the tan ears, wiggle eyes, and red pom pom nose to create the face of the elf.


Wrap the boots around the end of each leg and glue in back. Use image as a guide.


Glue the opposite end of the legs to the inside of the clay pot. Let dry.


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