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Fun ice cream cone decor



Make It: Fun 3″ Foam Balls
Make It: Fun 3″ Foam Cones
Make It: Fun Foam Tool Kit
Fabric Fat Quarters in coordinating colors (two ice cream per fat quarter)
Mini Paper Party Hats
Thin White Ribbons
Straight Pins
Make It: Fun Foam Cutter or serrated knife
Glue Gun



1. Glue the foam cone into the paper party hat. Cut a small 1″ flat spot off one side of the foam ball. glue the foam ball securely onto the top of the foam cone.

2.Cut one 10″ circle of fabric for each ice cream color.

3.Center the fabric over the top of the ball. Use the tuck tool from the foam tool kit to tuck the fabric into the ball around the top of the cone. Tuck the fabric evenly from side to side to keep the fabric centered on the ball.

4.Trim overhanging fabric edge as needed.

5.Cut lengths of ribbon for hangers. Tie one end of the ribbon to a pin and glue the pin into the top of the cone.


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