Live Music from the North Pole!



Capture the speed and grace of ice skating! Spin, leap, and glide with this I Ice Skate craft.


CRAYOLA Construction Paper

CRAYOLA Washable Paint



CRAYOLA Paint Brushes



1.By overcoming the friction of walking on the ground, ice skates allow skaters to fly across the ice with speed and grace. This sport is lots of fun, exciting, and challenging.

2.Ice skaters are very dedicated. Competitors usually start to skate at a young age and often spend most of their non-school hours practicing. Some skaters, such as speed skaters and ice hockey players, are interested in skating as fast as they can. Others like to create the dance-like movements of figure skating.

3.Remember the last time you went skating? Or can you imagine what it feels like to glide across the ice, cold wind brushing your face, pumping with your arms, legs pushing out to the sides, balancing on thin steel blades?

4.On construction paper, draw an outline of yourself skating using CRAYOLA Crayons. Will you have figure skates, ice hockey skates, or skates for speed skating? What clothing or uniform will you wear? Is there a crowd cheering you on, or are you alone at the rink?

5.Cover your work area with recycled newspaper. With CRAYOLA Washable Kid’s Paints and Brushes, fill in the picture with color and detail. Dry. Your crayon-resist skater will stand out on the rink!


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